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Kentucky Products Liability Litigation Attorneys Protect Clients’ Rights

Effective plaintiff representation for consumers and defense counsel for businesses

Products put into the stream of commerce must be reasonably safe for their intended use. When someone is injured using a consumer appliance or industrial tool, the question of product safety arises. If a defect in the product caused the harm, the injured consumer is entitled to personal injury compensation. However, if misuse of the product is to blame, the company that designed, manufactured or marketed the product may not be responsible. Products liability claims can be complex and require an experienced attorney. Oakes Law Firm has vast experience representing clients on both sides of these issues, and we put that knowledge to work for you.

Kentucky’s strict liability standard

Kentucky law recognizes the right of consumers to purchase and use products with the expectation that they are safe. Injured consumers can recover compensation from the manufacturer of an unreasonably dangerous product even without proving the company was negligent. We use methodical discovery techniques to prove whether a product was inherently dangerous or reasonably safe. We litigate claims alleging:

  • Defective design
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Inadequate warnings

We are skilled litigators with experience in all types of product defect injury claims.

Resources to defend your rights

Whether you are an injured plaintiff or a commercial enterprise, our attorneys have the skill and resources to protect your rights. With assistance from qualified experts, including forensic scientists and medical professionals, we thoroughly investigate each case. We work diligently to determine where fault lies, and to discern the most effective strategies for success.

The advantages of contacting an attorney immediately

Consult an attorney as soon as possible after you have been injured by a product or have been notified of a claim. By immediately investigating the claim and preserving crucial evidence while it is still fresh, your attorney can gain a valuable advantage in proving your case. Another reason why speed is important is that Kentucky law stipulates that victims must file claims within a set period of time after the injury. By missing this window of opportunity, known as the statute of limitations, victims lose their right to recover compensation for injuries.

Contact an experienced Kentucky products liability lawyer

Complex products liability claims require experienced case management. Oakes Law Firm represents plaintiffs and defendants throughout Kentucky. Call us at 270-908-2843 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our Paducah office.


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